Barney's Kennels & Grooming
2214 Monmouth Road 
(Corner of Route 537 & 206)
Mount Holly, NJ 08060
(Springfield Township)

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We offer a full service grooming salon. It is open 6 days a week starting at 7am, with special care grooming days for geriatric dogs and puppies. At Barney's we use professional grooming shampoos and conditioners, including hypoallergenic and flea baths. 

Pricing is up to the discretion of the groomer depending on the breed, size, and condition of the dog.
Barney's Kennels & Grooming Services
​All of our guests at Barney's have spacious indoor/outdoor runs. The outdoor runs are gated in and are protected from the outdoor elements. We have central air and heating as well as televisions that play 24 hours a day. Kennel decks and bedding are provided for comfort and are cleaned daily. All food and water bowls are washed after each meal. We offer one on one playtime twice a day in 30x80 play areas. 

Dogs must have Rabbies, Distemper, and Bordetella
Proper Documentation is required.

Barney's offers a beautiful cattery. Cats may be separated or mingle with their fellow feline friends. Litter boxes, food, water, and bedding are changed twice daily in our cleaning routine.

Cats must have Rabies and Distemper
Proper documentation is required.
Hours Of Operation:
M-F 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-12 Noon
Sun 8:30am-10am ONLY

*Price Change Effective 6/12/17 

Dogs: $26 Per Night, 
Second Dog In The Run $25 Per Night

Playtime: $5 Per day

Medication: $1 Per medication (Will not accept diabetic cats or dogs taking insulin) 

Food: There will be no charge to bring your own food or to use ours

Daycare: $17 (Includes Playtime)

Cats: $15 Per Night

Pick Ups After 12 Noon Will be Charged For An Additional day

As many of our customers know we have not changed our prices for several years. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining a clean and safe facility has increased over the years. As you can see we only raised our prices minimally. Thank you for your understanding and your continued business.
Payment Type:
We Accept Cash & Checks, First Time Customers Cash Only
*No Debit or Credit Cards*